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It's this time of the year that most people have come back from their summer holidays, they are recharged and full of creativity! Here in MARVEL, we have one more reason to feel energized and inspired: We just had our mid-term project review! Thanks to the hard work of the whole consortium and the good collaboration among the partners the feedback was both rewarding for all the progress achieved so far, and constructive for what is further expected.

With this Newsletter, we would like to proudly share what happened in the last 4 months as well as what is coming up! Enjoy and don't forget to follow us online (if you are not doing it already), for more immediate updates!

Our Latest Highlights
MARVEL at the Audio and Speech Technology Workshop

MARVEL and AI Hub Tampere jointly organized the “Audio and Speech Technology Workshop” on 16th June at Paidia workspace in Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland.
The development of machine learning in combination with signal processing techniques has led to new possibilities in applications that process and analyze audio or speech. The workshop aimed to provide an opportunity to exchange information about the latest development in these fields.

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A community full of research material!

Visit our zenodo community and get access to a great number of scientific papers, presentations, and deliverable reports. The outcomes of our latest research include:

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Our latest deliverables

By the end of June 2022 (M18 of the project), our consortium prepared 10 deliverables 7 of which are publicly available and are enlisted below:

  • D2.2: Management and distribution Toolkit – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D3.1: Multimodal and privacy-aware audio-visual intelligence – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D3.2: Efficient deployment of AI-optimised ML/DL models – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D4.2: Security assurance and acceleration in E2F2C framework – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D4.3: MARVEL's decision-making toolkit – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D5.3: HPC infrastructure and resource management for audio-visual data analytics – initial version | Access at zenodo here
  • D6.1: Demonstrators execution - initial version | Access at zenodo here

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Deliverables Overview
Our latest news
MARVEL at the EUSIPCO 2022
MARVEL has organized the “Edge-Fog-Cloud Machine Learning for Smart Cities Applications” a Special Session at the EUSIPCO 2022.
MARVEL at the 13th Scientific Retreat of the Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas (FORTH)
On 15-16 July 2022, the «13th Scientific Retreat» of the Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas (FORTH) took place at FORTH premises in Heraklion.
MARVEL at the SmartCommunities Conference 2022
MARVEL was presented at the SmartCommunities Conference 2022 which took place on June 10, 2022 by FBK and Municipality of Trento.
MARVEL at DataWeek 2022
Data Week 2022 was held both online and physically this year. MARVEL participated by organising a Workshop titled “The challenges of the extreme-scale multi-modal analytics applications”.
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Our latest articles
Moving towards Smart Cities: How can IoT improve traffic management and tackle traffic congestion?
IoT-based traffic management solutions allow for the dynamic control of the traffic flow by onsite traffic officers through the Internet.
IoT-based Air Pollution monitoring and Waste Management
There is a growing demand for an environmental pollution monitoring and waste management system capable to detect and quantify the ever-increasing pollution sources.
Apache NiFi ecosystem: Connecting the dots of the computing continuum
DatAna, the data management platform used in MARVEL is using behind the scenes a set of the Apache NiFi ecosystem of tools.
The Exascale Moment Finally Arrives
The race towards exascale computing began in June 2008, when Roadrunner became the first supercomputer ever to achieve one petaflop corresponding to 1/1000 of an exaflop.
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Upcoming Events

An outline of upcoming activities

MARVEL organises the MARV workshop in IEEE Smart Cities Conference 2022
MARVEL organises the MARV workshop in IEEE Smart Cities Conference 2022
Cities have become actual “data engines” exploiting a huge variety of IoT urban sensors and devices recording multiple everyday activities in the city environment and producing large-scale heterogeneous datasets. "MARV: Multimodal and AI-Responsible data processing and deliVery in smart cities" workshop aspires to the convergence of a set of technologies in multiple areas.
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EBDVF 2022: “At the heart of the Ecosystem for Data and AI”
EBDVF 2022: “At the heart of the Ecosystem for Data and AI”
Prague, CZ - November 21-23, 2022 Registration is open! Early Bird tickets are extended until 22nd September!
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under grant agreement No 957337.
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