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Low-Complexity Acoustic Scene Classification in DCASE 2022 Challenge

Authors Irene Martín-Morató, Francesco Paissan, Alberto Ancilotto, Toni Heittola, Annamaria Mesaros, Elisabetta Farella, Alessio Brutti, and Tuomas Virtanen
Title Low-Complexity Acoustic Scene Classification in DCASE 2022 Challenge
Abstract This paper presents an analysis of the Low-Complexity Acoustic Scene Classification task in DCASE 2022 Challenge. The task was a continuation from the previous years, but the low-complexity requirements were changed to the following: the maximum number of allowed parameters, including the zero-valued ones, was 128 K, with parameters being represented using INT8 numerical format; and the maximum number of multiply-accumulate operations at inference time was 30 million. Despite using the same previous year dataset, the audio samples have been shortened to 1 second instead of 10 second for this year challenge. The provided baseline system is a convolutional neural network which employs post-training quantization of parameters, resulting in 46.5 K parameters, and 29.23 million multiply-and-accumulate operations (MMACs). Its performance on the evaluation data is 44.2% accuracy and 1.532 log-loss. In comparison, the top system in the challenge obtained an accuracy of 59.6% and a log loss of 1.091, having 121 K parameters and 28 MMACs. The task received 48 submissions from 19 different teams, most of which outperformed the baseline system.
ISBN 978-952-03-2677-7
Conference 7th Workshop on Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE 2022)
Date 03/11/2022
Location Nancy, France
Year of Publication 2022
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7410826

Key Facts

  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Sotiris Ioannidis
  • Institution: Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)
  • E-mail: 
  • Start: 01.01.2021
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Participating Organisations: 17
  • Number of countries: 12

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