MARV Workshop - Debrief of Event

MARVEL partners FORTH, UNS, and AU organized a full-day Workshop on “Multimodal and AI-Responsible data processing and delivery in Smart Cities (MARV)” at the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) 2022, which took place on September 26-29, 2022 at Paphos, Cyprus. The organizers of the Workshop were Prof. Sotiris Ioannidis, Prof. Dragana Bajovic, Prof. Alexandros Iosifidis, and Mrs. Despina Kopanaki. The organization committee also included Dr. Claudio Cicconetti (CNR) who acted as Roundtable Chair and Mrs. Dora Kallipolitou (ZELUS) who acted as Publicity and Web Chair.

MARV Workshop aspired to the convergence of a set of technologies in the areas of AI, analytics, multimodal perception, software engineering, HPC as part of an Edge-Cloud Computing Continuum paradigm that goes beyond traditional Big Data, conventional architectures heavily capitalizing on distributed resources and heterogeneous data sources in smart city environments, while implementing privacy preservation techniques at all data modalities and at all levels of its architecture. The ultimate aim was to highlight data-driven real-time application workflows to enable fast and accurate insights and optimised decision-making in modern cities, showcasing the potential to address societal challenges very effectively, from increasing public safety and security, optimising energy consumption from a multimodal/multidomain perspective to analyzing traffic flows and urban mobility for effective city planning.

MARVEL Workshop Multimodal and AI-Responsible data processing and delivery in Smart Cities (MARV) at the IEEE Smart Cities Conference 2022

The Workshop included two keynote talks, two panels, and presentations of six contributing papers. Contributing papers were selected by an open Call for Papers within the IEEE ISC2 2022, followed by peer-review following the Conference’s rules and processes.

The two keynote talks were given by Prof. Petar Popovski from Aalborg University, Denmark who is a world-leading expert in Communication Theory, Wireless Communications, Internet of Things, and Smart Grid Communications, and MARVEL partner Farhan Sahito (PN) who is a world-leading expert in international privacy compliance. The two panels included world-leading experts in different topics related to Smart Cities, including Prof. Petar Popovski, Dr. Farhan Sahito, and Prof. Dejan Vukobratovic, and MARVEL partners Dr. Alessio Brutti (FBK), Prof. Dragana Bajovic (UNS), Prof. Alexandros Iosifidis (AU), Dr. Claudio Cicconetti (CNR), Mrs. Despina Kopanaki (FORTH). The Workshop also included presentations of six contributing papers, and attracted 20-30 participants which corresponds to a large percentage of the overall (physical) conference participation.

The program of the Workshop is listed in the following:

MARV workshop schedule
MARV I 11h00- 12h30
ChairProf. Alexandros Iosifidis
11:00-11:30Keynote Talk by Dr. Farhan Sahito: Ethics Compliance for Smart Cities - an EU approach
11:30-12:00Panel: Responsible and trustworthy AI for data analytics in smart cities
Moderator: Dr. Claudio Cicconetti
Panelists: Dr. Farhan Sahito, Dr. Alessio Brutti, Mrs. Despina Kopanaki
12:00-12:30Contributing paper #1: A Toolchain and Interoperability Framework to enhance privacy and individual control at the Edge
Authors: Panagiotis Katrakazas, Theodora Kallinolitou, Stella Markopoulou, Argyro Chronopoulou
MARV II 14h00-15h30
Chair:Prof. Dejan Vukobratovic
14:00-14:30Contributing paper #2: Personalized Federated Learning via Convex Clustering
Authors: Aleksandar Armacki, Dragana Bajovic, Dusan Jakovetic, Soummya Kar
14:30-15:00Contributing paper #3: Analysis of the Effect of Low-Overhead Lossy Image Compression on the Performance of Visual Crowd Counting for Smart City Applications
Authors: Arian Bakhtiarnia, Błażej Leporowski, Lukas Esterle, Alexandros Iosifidis
15:00-15:30Contributing paper #4: Design Guidelines for Apache Kafka Driven Data Management and Distribution in Smart Cities
Authors: Theofanis P. Raptis, Claudio Cicconetti, Manolis Falelakis, Tassos Kanellos, Tomás Pariente Lobo
MARV III 16h00-18h00
Chair:Prof. Dragana Bajovic
16:00-16:30Keynote Talk by Petar Popovski: On Models and Techniques for Massive IoT Access
16:30-17:00Panel: Technological barriers in AI-enabled Smart City frameworks with moderator Dragana Bajovic
Moderator: Prof. Dragana Bajovic
Panelists: Prof. Petar Popovski, Prof. Dejan Vukobratovic, Prof. Alexandros Iosifidis
17:00-17:30Contributing paper #5: Traffic Condition Estimation at the Smart City Edge using Deep Learning: A Ro-Pax Terminal Case Study
Authors: Fabrizio De Vita, Giorgio Nocera, Orlando Marco Belcore, Antonio Polimeni, Francesco Longo, Dario Bruneo, Massimo Di Gangi
17:30-18:00Contributing paper #6: Using Seq2seq voice conversion with pre-trained representations for audio anonymization: experimental insights
Authors: Marco Costante, Marco Matassoni, Alessio Brutti

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  • Institution: Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)
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  • Duration: 36 months
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