WP7. Exploitation, sustainability and business continuity


36 months, Jan 1st 2021 to Dec 31st 2023


The goal of WP7 is twofold:

  1. raise awareness of multimodal analytics critical role in addressing societal challenges and
  2. ensure that project’s results will be communicated to stakeholders in such a way that the European Data economy will be promoted. 

WP7 will raise awareness of the MARVEL E2F2C framework and Data Corpus-as-a-Service to scientific, academic and industrial communities, to show that multimodal analytics and representations are becoming a necessity for a Smart City environment. WP7 objectives are:

  • provide maximum visibility and public awareness of the MARVEL solution by following a sound dissemination strategy.
  • provide business and technical know-how of MARVEL’s AI-based intelligence to the participating partners and companies outside the consortium.
  • build a concrete exploitation strategy for the project, on top of partners’ individual exploitation plans.
  • identify MARVEL assets and products and map them to actual market needs.
  • define a condensed business plan for the long-term sustainability and potential commercialization of the MARVEL framework.
  • take into consideration relevant policy, privacy and legal issues.


NoTitleLeaderTypeDownload linkDue Date
D7.1Project websiteZELUSDemoOpen AccessM2, Feb 28th, 2021
D7.2Market analysis and preliminary business modellingATOSReportView and Download hereM8, Aug 31st, 2021
D7.3Dissemination strategy and activities – initial versionZELUSReportConfidentialM12, Dec 31st, 2021
D7.4Exploitation strategy and activitiesITMLReportConfidentialM18, June 30th, 2022
D7.5Dissemination strategy and activities – interim versionZELUSReportConfidentialM24, Dec 31st, 2022
D7.6Final business model and long-term sustainability reportINTRAReportTo be releasedM36, Dec 31st, 2023
D7.7Dissemination strategy and activities – final versionZELUSReportConfidentialM36, Dec 31st, 2023

Key Facts

  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Sotiris Ioannidis
  • Institution: Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)
  • E-mail: marvel-info@marvel-project.eu 
  • Start: 01.01.2021
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Participating Organisations: 17
  • Number of countries: 12

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